We've partnered with Worldly to revolutionize global talent management! 
Next-generation Artificial Intelligence for hiring, retention, expansion
Partner with GainfulAI to reinvent your firm's recruitment, talent management, and overseas expansion using our conversational AI, matching, intelligent PEO,  customized consulting and more.
Optimize hiring processes.
Discard archaic hiring processes. We work with clients to build AI driven models to achieve the best results customized to the DNA of your organization. Secure the best talent efficiently & effectively at every level of the organization.
Show off your best candidate experience.
The candidate experience influences how prospective employees feel about you as an employer. Is the process quick, easy and comfortable? Or is it difficult and frustrating? Create the best experience and elevate your brand.
Human-technology partnership.
Harness the latest advantages in human-machine interaction to consider and discover more candidates. Apply AI to point your hiring teams to the best talent, faster. Liberate your hiring teams from tedious screening processes and empower your recruiters to do their most valuable work.
Singapore + Silicon Valley
Our solutions are built by some of the brightest minds in Singapore and Silicon Valley. With multi language solutions and cross culture expertise, we're charting new territory in APAC and beyond.

Partnering with some the largest employers and staffing agencies in the world, we're on a mission to replicate human intelligence and human-like interactions in recruitment and HR.
A Better Lens on Innovation
In-house, third party, or partner?
Large organizations with technical resources will have to choose between building HR-AI solutions of their own, paying for third party products, or partnering with...
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The perils of missing exceptional talent
Cultivating an eye for exceptional talent, and avoiding false negative screening either through software or an inexperienced HR team, is one of the great goals of our firm...
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Evaluating claims in AI
The HR space is filled with bold claims by AI companies. Many well funded, well credentialed companies are well-marketed. Be savvy evaluating tech, and learn what types of approaches actually work. This Princeton present...
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