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Leverage the most sophisticated AI platform in the HR space.

Partner with GainfulAI to reinvent your firm's recruitment, talent management, and overseas expansion using our conversational AI, matching, intelligent PEO,  customized consulting and more.
Conversational AI
Meet the next generation truly intelligent Conversational AI that supports open ended conversations, engages in a human-like manner, and self-learns to improve performance on a short timescale to achieve the best hiring outcomes for your company.

Automate (where desired) the sourcing, screening, real time qualifying/disqualifying, shortlisting, matching & scheduling of interview activities.

Improve candidates' experience and elevate your brand.
White labeled solutions
Omnichannel (SMS, WhatsApp, email, and more)
Stand-alone or workflow integrated
Dashboards and self manage tools
Deploy sophisticated predictive matching  technology to understand the depth of a candidate’s skills, experiences, abilities, transferable skills, soft skills and potential - to better match top talents to the best-fit roles in your company. Like a seasoned, unbiased recruiter.

Use top performers' data to maximize best predictions and increase efficiency of the tailored ontology & semantics based algorithms.

Discover more about your candidates early on in the hiring process.
No Black Boxes
Justifications for decisions and rankings
Designed to detect resume obfuscation or fluff
Stand-alone or workflow integrated
Dashboards and self manage tools
Intelligent PEO
Our PEO automation platform enables the quickest and cheapest way for you to expand hiring internationally.

Our partner network is thoroughly vetted for quality and track record in each country we service.

It's a fast growing platform; reach out and learn more about how we're helping companies expand.
Solutions Consulting
Committed to creating in-house solutions? Get our hands-on consulting and technical advisory.

Avoid costly mistakes and give yourself the best shot at creating successful AI-HR products for your company.

Reach out to learn about our current partnerships equipping large, international brands with their own AI-HR solutions.